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captioning institute-- >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> some slick roads made for a tricky commute this morning. police were called out alongside toe trucks after ice led to ice on the memorial drip -- bridge.
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the fairfax county parkway was shut down in both directions. the road crews had to scramble to lay down salt and sand here at traffic is moving. >> we can look forward to a pretty mild valentine's day. >> a beautiful valentine's day. bright sunshine. temperatures above average this afternoon. here is a live look from our weather camera in arlington. this is the orange line. a few clouds may move in later. temperature wise 30 in northwest dc paying-- d.c.c cooler in winchester. we are climbing into the low to mid 40's. high temperatures around 49 degrees.
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here is your travel forecast. a few issues in chicago. a bit of snow there. otherwise, dallas, sunny, 66. atlanta, 50 six, sunny. we could run into snow by tomorrow evening. i will have more coming up. >> we are following a story out of alexandria. police have identified the elderly man who was killed in alexandria as 94-year-old elmer roehrs. he was found dead in his home last night. police are investigating this first potential homicide since 2011. >> city of alexandria police have been outside of his home outside. >> they have not figured out what has happened. it is scary. >> exactly what happened inside is a mystery. the homeowner was found dead.
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his stepson called police to say he made the discovery. this is not only suspicious but something that is uncommon in the area. alexandra has not seen a homicide since 2011. this happened a few doors from where a former sheriff's wife was found murdered 10 years ago. no arrest was made. >> i am concerned. >> the victim was a landlord for a number of opportunities. tenets would come by to drop off cash payments. the city of alexandria police are not saying if this is connected to a burglary or robbery. in the past two years, there have been at least three burglaries and a car break-in at the same property. >> it has been targeted several times. it is strange.
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alexandra, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> one of the suspects and no spray cans has been arrested -- and those break-ins have arrested. 45-year-old reed johnson broke into his home in november. she has been charged with burglary and grand larceny. she is not connected with the death of elmer roehrs. two major airlines will join forces. >> us airways and american airlines will operate under the same name. many flyers are worried whether they will operate at the same price. >> a major merger to create the world's largest airlines. us airways and american finalized at $11 billion deal to become one company. when it is complete, the airline will operate with more than 6000 -- 6700 daily flights.
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>> there will be no changes to the frequent flyer programs from either airline. all miles will continue to be honored. >> some tried first are not so -- some travelers are not so confident. >> they created a new category. everyone got downgraded. >> this could be good news for travelers in dc. a consolidation could bring in new options at the airport. passengers here at reagan national airport say the options and types of flights are not the biggest concern. what is is how much they will have to pay to fly. >> we have less competition. the price will go up. >> the deal -- she often flies
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to d.c. the merger is expected to be a done deal by the end of the year. reagan national. brianne carter, abc 7 news >> we turn to that ship stranded in the gulf of mexico because the crews may soon be over. we have live pictures of the carnival triumph making its way to alabama where those passengers may get off of the boat. it may not happen until tomorrow. >> this has been a long journey for more than 4000 people on board. they say the conditions are dismal. they have had limited bathroom -- access to food and bathroom. any delays are a concern for them. they may be there tonight or in the morning. >> we are sorry about what is
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taking place. there is no question that conditions on board are challenging. >> carnival cruise lines is offering $500 to each passenger with reimbursement and a free cruise in the future. it has canceled 12 more planned wages of the tramp -- planned voyages. >> the first best the extra friend of christopher -- the former girlfriend of christopher is speaking out. it is believed that he is deaddate and says she believes the prolonged stress of his job caused him to snap. >> the stress will wear on you. it is not justifiable for someone to kill anyone because they are stressed at work. there are ways to release your stress. he bottled up emotions. >> she says she decided to
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speak out in case anything happened to her. she was not mentioned in his manifesto. >> oscar pistorius was a symbol of hope for many in the london olympic games. he was the first double amputee to compete. that admiration turned into shock as he is charged in last night shooting death of his girlfriend. >> at this hour, police in south africa remained tightlipped about the details surrounding the murder investigation involving olympic star oscar pistorius. it is identified as 29-year-old reeva steenkamp, pistorius's girlfriend. >> a 26 euros man has been
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arrested and charged with murder. >> the home did not appear to show signs of forced entry. the couple was the only two people home. there have been previous incidents at the home but would not give -- but police would not give details. witnesses told them they had heard a couple arguing earlier. pistorius rose to fame during the london olympics last year when he became the first double amputee to run in the olympic games. he was in internet -- his girlfriend was described as lovely and ambitious. >> i work with her to shoot magazine features. she was a bikini model. >> pistorius was seen leaving the police station earlier. his spokesman says he is assisting the police with their investigation. police say they found a gun at the scene of the crime. we should find out more details when pistorius makes his first
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court appearance tomorrow. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> breaking news from capitol hill. republicans are planning to block chuck hagel's nomination for secretary of defense. democrats do not have the votes to break the gop filibuster. if it is blocked, that would lead the process in limbo. >> today marks two months since the sandy hook elementary school shooting. organizations marked the occasion with a rally outside of capitol hill. the children's defense fund and one million moms for gun control held an event. the groups are calling on members of congress to fast- track commonsense gun safety laws to protect children. >> ever since newtown, people have said, enough is enough.
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we cannot let any other teen or children die from gun violence or any american. >> they hope to meet with lawmakers to discuss fund -- gun violence statistics and get a voice to moms and children. the us department of education as a warning $3 million to connecticut, new jersey, new york, and new york city to eight and hurricane sandy recovery efforts. they will provide the hardest hit districts with the resources needed to establish safe environments for students. >> congress continues to avoid sequestration. harry reid is catching heat from democrats. he is sticking to his plan that calls for a 50/50 split between spending and cuts. many say the plan needs to cut more spending and end up along
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the lines of an 80/20 split. if no deal is reached by march 1, cuts will take place. >> warren buffett is getting into the food business. arch are half weigh is teaming up with three g capital to buy -- berkshire hathaway is teaming up with three g capital to buy heinz. the mu has to be approved. shareholders expect to close it and the third quarter -- shareholders expect to close it and the third quarter. coming up people and one group are turning their heart ache around and using it as fuel to help themselves. >> some happy couples are tying the knot today. >> a milestone for the redskins today. >> here is a live look outside this noon.
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>> you're watching abc 7 at noon with scott thuman and cynne simpson. this is abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> metro is proposing a deal in hopes of bringing the fbi's new headquarters to prince george's county. authorities will vote today whether to make 78 acres of its land available to the bureau. the fbi is looking in virginia and maryland for new states for its headquarters.
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the washington redskins start working on their new training camp in richmond today. virginia governor mcdonnell and richmond mayor will be there for a groundbreaking service. the richmond city council approved that development deal in november. it will be finished in july. >> that is right around the corner. let's get a check of the weather. >> good to be here. right sunshine. tomorrow, we are starting to pick up on features and our atmosphere that could come together and bring a little snow. let's get to it. let's start with a time lapse we have from damascus. look at that coating of snow they have. a picked up about an inch and a
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half. they had a little snow. we could see another coating again tomorrow and into tomorrow night. temperatures are not far off from average. 45 in the district. hagerstown 39. gaithersburg at 39. that is the result of having snow packed on the ground. here is our overall pattern. we have a series of cold fronts off to our west. they will push through late tomorrow. they will drop our temperatures for the weekend. it will be much colder. we will go from 50 degrees back down to the 30's for highs this weekend.
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as we transition into colder air and the fronts move through, it could produce a low pressure system. toward the tail end of the rush hour on friday, we will have areas of light rain. that is indicated by blue and green. we start to change over into a mix of rain and snow as we cool off and our temperatures drop. we should see that transition. this is late friday evening early saturday morning. a bit of snow on the backside of that system. not so much as a quotation -- precipitation, but how much and
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when we will change over to snow. this is not set in stone. this will change over the next 24 hours. here is a rough estimate of the potential. in gaithersburg, they have the potential of seeing another inch and a half. and around the beltway a coating of snow is possible. not out of the question having accumulative snow. today 49 degrees for the high. tonight, dropping into the 30's. above freezing. tomorrow, it will be warm before the snow. around7:00 p.m. the rain will shift to snow. you could wake up to a coating of snow. with that will be colder temperatures in the 30's with flurries possible by sunday.
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>> we will trudge ahead. many couples in the district are showing their love by tying the knot this valentine's day. the d.c. superior court northwest holds a fit -- an event they called 14 on the 14th. there will be wedding ceremonies every fat -- every half hour. one couple chose us -- told us why they chose today as their wedding day. >> the best part is putting god first in your relationship. everything else is like a party. >> according to an american express survey, 6 million americans are either landing to propose or planning -- planning a proposal or marriage this valentine's day. >> if you are on your own this valentine's day, you are not alone. coming up some storytellers
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are putting their pain out there and finding their silver lining in heartbreak. >> does your child's nor loudly? does -- does your child's nor snore l oudly? we
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>> for all of the single people valentine's day can be rough. >> we are supposed to take heart that we are not alone. there is a group of storytellers in new york. they wear all of their pain on
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their sleeves. >> she pointed at me. she said it is david. he likes me but he is ugly. >> poor david. >> it is known for its up close and personal stories. the people on stage say this is a particular like this woman who had been dumped. >> i felt the need to go off and cry at the major landmarks. the eiffel tower the gates of the buckingham palace. i cried and all of those places and more. >> this is supposed to make us feel better? >> she is facing it head-on. >> i say tragedy. >> she will be at the lincoln memorial.
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>> are you feeling lucky on valentine's day? >> you will see
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